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This litter has all
found families!
Thank-you Zephyr
and Flame for a
beautiful family of
friendly puppies!
Female # 1
Female # 1
Sadly male # 2 had trouble at birth
and passed away. We are very sad
about this misfortune!
Here they are! Pictured at 7 weeks of age and just as cute as can be!
Molly - She is the smallest and darkest in colouring and she
has one white toe on her left hind foot:}
Adopted by  the Lefler girls
Bella - This girl is a uniform colour all over and
she is very, very beautiful
Adopted by Claudia
Skyler - This girl is slightly lighter in colour and also has a
white toe on her left hind foot
Adopted by Dani
Stanley - The only boy in the family, he is starting to show a
goofy side that is really quite sweet!
Adopted by Paula and family!
These are pictures of Bella after she was at home with her
adoptive family! What a BEAUTIFUL little girl!
This is a picture of one of our red puppies,
taken by her adoptive family at 6 months
of age! She has held onto her beautiful red
colouring and is just a doll! Her family
LOVES her very much! She is about 17lbs
now as well.