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Zephyr and Flame

This will be the second mating for
these two beautiful pals! We are so
very pleased with the puppies that we
received last litter! Zephyr is our
medium sized 6th generation
Australian Labradoodle and Flame is
our 8lb red toy poodle! The puppies will
be 15-17ins tall and 20-25lbs as
adults. They will have wool/fleece non
shedding allergy friendly coats!
Personalities will be friendly and out
going love the whole family kind of
Due date is set for Aug 10 2011!
They are HERE! Birthday Aug 10 2011
We have waited a long while for this moment and now it is here! We are so very excited about Zephyr and her five little boys are all settled in
and comfortable! Zephyr is taking such good care of them and they are all plump full of yummy milk. The puppies are on the go, play fighting
and growling and eating puppy food! We are having great fun with these little ones and soon their families are going to come to choose who
gets to go home with who! One little guy has an adorable white diamond on his forehead! Up-dated Sept.21 2011
Milo ~ Adopted by Paul and Danielle
Charlie adopted by Melinda!
These pictures are of Stanley, he was the biggest of his litter,
Zephyr and Flames first mating. He has matured at 25lbs and
stands 16ins tall. Stanley is pictured at 9 months of age and he
has retained all of the amazing red and not faded a bit with the
coat change from puppy to adult! Stanley is loved by his family
so much because of his intelligence and obedience! They get
stopped while walking a lot by people just amazed at how smart
and obedient he is and his wonderful colouring! These red
puppies are a must meet! Stanley's coat is a VERY soft loose
wool. >>>
Adopted by Mitzi ~ Beau