Wow! Second generation Australian Labradoodle
puppies. The puppies will have spiral fleece coats
in colours of Chocolate, Cafe, and Black. There
may be some Phantom puppies! This litter will
shed very little if at all.
These puppies will grow to be 16-18ins tall and
25-35lbs as adults.  These little ones will be ready
for adoption July,13 2010.
To reserve one of these puppies
contact Connie.
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Simply Delightful

is a pup we are
so proud of! Her
red colouring and
black pigment
make her an
absolute "delight"
She has an out
going personality
and loves to

is an apricot in
colour with
black pigments.
She is a restful
and calm little
girl with plenty
of love to share!
Adopted by
Dan and Family

is our black boy. He
has some places on
him that shine
chocolate, this gives
him a wonderful
unique look. Samson
is quite curious, he will
be a puppy that will
love everyone in your
Adopted by Nancy

is an amazing little
guy who will have a
wonderful soft
fleece coat! He is
very playful and
wants to have fun
with everyone he
meets and he
loves an adventure!
Adopted by France
and her family
Lazy Daze,

is just as one would
expect, he is as calm
as a puppy gets and
friendly when awake:}
He is dressed in a
soft apricot fleece.
Adopted by Todd
Chocolate Mystery!

He is a charmer!
Dressed in a chocolate
fleece coat, with a
personality of flair and
out going fun makes
him a wonderful puppy
to spend our days with!
Adopted by Andrea :}