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Sundance gave us 6 beautiful puppies!
Plus she is being a very good and doting mommy to them! The pups are on the move! Such a fun loving litter, they
are a pile of fun to watch! The puppies are in and out of their whelping box and play fighting, growling and trying to
Pictured at 9 weeks of age.
Pictured at 7 weeks of age playing games together at bottom of page! What a funny bunch!
Meet Gentle Dove!
Dove will wear a fleece low shed coat and is blessed with
amazing markings! She has a white tux and a white toe on her
left hind paw as well as three white toes on her right hind paw,
she also has a white chin:} LOVELY!
Adopted by Mary Jean
Meet Queen Anne's Lace!
This girl is so very sweet! She is all black and will
wear a wool non shed coat! She just glistens in the
light! Lacey tends to be smallest of her family.
Meet Soft Glow!
This little lady is also all black in colour and is
dressed in the "oh so soft" fleece low shed coat.
Just amazing!
Adopted by Mary Jean
Meet Knights Armour!
This is the only boy in the group! He is doing just fine
being the man! He is well dressed in a little white tux
and soft wool non shed coat!
Meet Kindred Heart!
This little girl also carries a little white tux on her
beautiful black coat of low shed fleece! She is so
very friendly!
Adopted by Penny
Meet Daisy!
This little girl is a doll! She is dressed in a non shed
chocolate coat and has a cute little white blaze on her chest!
Adopted by Dallas!
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