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Star and

Seven beautiful
puppies in a wide
variety of amazing
Pictured at 6 weeks
of age!
Meet Buster
King truly has royal colouring! He is a rare find with his white tux
and his dark chocolate coat and lighter chocolate phantom
Adopted by Bryan and Wendy
Meet Beauty!
This little girl is a true beauty, she carries the phantom
colouring. She is going to be remarkable! She also has a white
tux and chin!
Adopted by Jake
Meet Cheer!
This is just a petite little miss, she
wears a beautiful black coat and carries
a white tux!
Meet Tux!
This is Tux, named after the little white tux he
wears proudly on his chest! He is a study young
Adopted by Kasi and her family
Meet Delightful!
This little girl is a real dear! She has a wavy black coat
and has been given the beauty marks of a white chin and
tux as well as white toes on three of her paws!
Adopted by Judy and Colleen
Meet Poppy!
This little miss is a delight! She carries the little
white tux on a beautiful chocolate coat of soft fleece!
Just beautiful!
Adopted by Lauren and Geoff!
Meet Just a Little Giggle!
This little one makes me smile! She has a complete tie
instead of the tux and she also has all four paws with white
toes and a white chin and nose:} She is beautiful!
Adopted by Matthew
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The puppies are now seven weeks old and are growing and learning new things every day. They have had their first shots
and health check and all have been proclaimed healthy! They have received their micro chips and are all set to see the vet
next week for surgery! The puppies are so sweet as they discover more and more of their world. They are enjoying meeting
different families that come to visit as well! All have wonderful social personalities!