Star is a first time mom with this   
The puppies will be a "must see" in
spiral fleece to wool.
They will be 14~16ins tall and 15-25lbs
as adults. This litter will shed very little
if at all.
These F1b Labradoodle puppies, were
ready for adoption on April 28th 2010.
All of this litter has been adopted but to
reserve one of these tiny companions
from another litter
contact Connie or fill
out the puppy application form.
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Upa Lupa

This is such a sweet little miss. She
has absolutely amazing colouring
and is sure to be a
gentle and
playful addition to any
She is black with chocolate markings
and splashes of white to make her
extra special!
Her coat is just full of beautiful waves!

Fostered by Vic and Sherri
Northern Lights!

This girl is a beautiful, beautiful little
miss. Her colouring is out standing and
she has a wonderful wave in her coat.
Miss Lights is an adventuresome little
lady gentle and friendly. She just loves
to run about just as fast as her baby
legs will carry her.

Adopted by Lisa

This is one of the two boys!
He has a wavy fleece coat that is a
pure chocolate.
He is one of the stockier pups and is
a real "gentle" man! Elf always
comes running at top speed when he
hears some one coming! He is so so
very cute.

Adopted by Jennifer

This is a pure black girl, she is the
smallest in her family and is small
but mighty.
She is curious, calm and fun to be
Her coat will be a wonderful shining
black of wavy soft fleece.

Adopted by Janet

This is our second boy.
This boy is so good looking he has uniform
white socks on all four paws with a white
chin and chest. He has a beautiful wave in
his coat and in as curious as little boys get,
he will be an adventuresome little guy as
he matures.

Adopted by Bernie and Tammy

A beautiful girl!
This girl has an amazing wavy coat and in a
wonderful medium  shade of chocolate!
She has a out going personality with a
touch of caution to match the one of a kind
white blaze on her chest.
This girl is a real "Star"

Adopted by Caroline
Bitty Baby

This is our little girl, black with a itty
bitty white dot on her chest. She is the
calmest of her family so far and is a
really doll baby! Her coat has a slight
wave and will be oh so soft!

Adopted by Gail