Miniature labradoodle, American labradoodle, Labradoodle puppies for sale
Miniature labradoodle, American labradoodle, Labradoodle puppies for sale
Miniature labradoodle, American labradoodle, Labradoodle puppies for sale
Miniature labradoodle, American labradoodle, Labradoodle puppies for sale
Past Puppy Stories
Miniature labradoodle, American labradoodle, Labradoodle puppies for sale
Pictures of past puppies, and comments from their owners!
Hi Connie,
We just love this puppy!  
The ride home was good,
by the time we were half met
my boys, but the next day he
started to be more outgoing.
He is very shy around new
people.  I took Rodney to
the vet on Tuesday.  He
weighs 16lbs 4oz.  Barney
weighs about 12lbs and
Zoey weighs 10lbs.  Rodney
and Barney start obedience
class on Friday.  House and
Barney start obedience and
Barney start obedience
class on Friday.  House
class on Friday.  House
training is going well, only
training is going well, only
one accident so far!  He is
walking on a leash pretty
well and loves to play in the
snow. I'll keep you updated
on Rodney's progress.
Lisa and Paul Rempel
Rodney is an F1
enjoying my boy Barney!
He has the most amazing disposition.
He loves everyone, both other animals and
every person that he meets!
He attends daycare during the workday and
has made a ton of friends! I make sure that
he has time to "hang" with his 2 siblings Zoey
and Rodney as well.
It is great to see how such a wonderful
animal can spread such excitement to all!
Take care,
Barney is an F1 Labradoodle.     
Hello Connie and Luke,
Just a quick note and some attached photo's to show you and
tell you just how much we love that little pup!
I don't want to exaggerate but she might just be the smartest
little creature, for her young age, on the planet.

She rings a ribbon bell on the kitchen door to go out, she
grabs her leash when she wants to go for a walk.  She holds
onto the leash in her mouth when she is walking even if it
is not attached to her collar.

She is so friendly and obviously adorable, she has been picked
dressed women for an afternoon walk and children
once afraid of dogs.

The city of Windsor Parks department is on strike so the park
adjacent to our property has grass growth of 6 weeks.  Holly tries
to jump over the grass to get to the playground and is
Thanks for indulging my raving about her,
and do not hesitate to use
that adorable picture of her in a doorway on your  
"what's available page"  she is a star!

Take Care,
Lisa, Dante and Dominique
Holly is a Australian Labradoodle, a daughter of Bree's.
Hello folks!
Here are a few pictures of Magic.

Sorry it took so long to give you an
update on our little guy - but we
have been so busy having fun
with him!

Just like his name, he is magic!
He has brought such joy into our
lives....and such a smart little guy.
We go to puppy school, and he is
the smartest in the class. He
loves his walks and gets so
much attention. I have even had
cars stop to tell me how
unbelievably cute he is. You
should send these pups home
with business cards - everyone
wants to know where we got him!

He slept through the night the first
day we brought him home - and
was potty trained after the first
day. Amazing.

Thank you for such a wonderful
Cynthia, Jim and Sara.
Thursday, January 22, 2009
Hello,we are doing fabulous,
Buckley is fitting in
perfectly! Candy (our other
dog) is starting to warm up to
him. He's about 95% house
trained, only a couple
accidents here and there, but
he's still young. He
has grown quite a bit!
Everyone loves him!!
Thanks and have a good day
Buckley is an F1 Labradoodle
Hi Connie
Our little family couldn't be happier!  Whiskey
is doing really well.  She adapted to all the
sights and sounds of downtown Toronto with
barely a blink of an eye and we're constantly
super smart puppy and has already figured out
same time.  Whiskey and her older sister,
Tootsie (9 y.o.), are getting along nicely and
are starting to form a bond between the two of
them.  Of course, it's because Whiskey is really
curious about everything and is always the
potty training.  She can sit and lie down on
command and is making great progress at
sitting at every curb and traffic light until she
gets the ok to move on ~ of course though,
she gets distracted by everyone wanting to
pet         her all the time!  We start
puppy                        kindergarten in a couple
of weeks           
If you ever need a reference, give me
a              shout.

Whiskey is an F1 Labradoodle
Jasmine has brought a lot of merriment into our family! She is suuuuuch a
sweetheart! We all enjoy her tremendously! She has a fun loving nature, is so sweet
and outgoing and friendly, so intelligent, greets us whenever it may be with such joy
and excitement...- what a real sweetie she is. All our neighbors think we are very lucky
to have her. Indeed, she is a little gift of a blessing!

Things have gone very well since we came to get her, a couple of weeks ago. She
cried for about 2 minutes when we left your home, we then consoled her and she fell
asleep. The first week we got to know her, and she us. We gave her the den for the
night and she has done so well, never a wimper or anything. It is quite amazing. The
house-training was accomplished within the first week. She is a smart little one. She
loves all the outdoor play and runs, and all the new smells and sound. Then
afterward she comes in and collapses into a deep sleep, after all the exercise. She is
sooo cute to watch and cuddle and play with. None of this could have been if she had
not been raised in her first few months, in such a loving and caring environment, as
you gave her. Indeed we have gotten her, already so well trained...all the care and
love you have given shows right through, I am so ever thankful for that. It made the
transition so much easier for us. Know also that her home here is a very loving one,
she gets a ton of affection and love and care. It broke my heart when we put Jasmine
in the van the day we were with you... Chocolate came and sniffed at her as though to
see what is happening to her little pup..... I was teary eyed. But let Chocolate know
that her little Jasmine is in good hands and we do love her.

We are attaching a photo of Jasmine of a few days ago...

We hope and trust that you are all well-
that Taregan and Rayna are thriving and happy!

Our warmest greetings to you all,
Ed and Sarah, Emma and Danielle.
Hi Connie
We have been meaning to touch base with you regarding our experience thus
far with Zak.  To sum it up we are very, very happy with the new addition to our
family.  As I had mentioned earlier my wife and daughter had a phobia of
animals - the operative word is had. Zak has been very gentle around both of
them, it's as if he knows or senses that they are a little more reserved and acts
accordingly.  Right from day one he has been nothing less than a 'gentlemen'
around the ladies in our home.  Many of our family and visitors cannot believe
that he is still a puppy given his calm demeanor.  He loves to be outside, even
on the cold days, and would spend the entire day outside if we would let him.  
Watching him play in the snow drifts is better than watching television.  He
really enjoys playing with his sister Holly who lives in the neighbourhood.  

Right from the day we brought him home he has been a joy.  He has slept
through the night from the very first night of coming into our home and we had
him ringing the bell to go outside to do his business after the first few days.  He
doesn't bark hardly ever - except for when stranger walk by, but as they get
closer all he wants to do is get to know them.  He just recently (at mid February
2010) got his last set of shots and was just under 25 pounds and 17 inches.

This past weekend we took him for his first full hair - the before and after
pictures have been attached along with a few others.  Feel free to use them as
you wish.

Joe, Penny, Sam and Sofia  
Zak is a son of Bree and Tucker's
Magic is a son of Bree and Pluto's
Jasmine is a daughter of Chocolate and Tuckers
Here's our handsome boy!!
He is sits, sits pretty, comes, rolls over, plays
dead (that's our favourite), gives paw, heels, stops
and is very goofy!  He has been a wonderful
addition to our family and we sure do get a lot of
exercise.  He is approx.  23lbs and vet tells us he
should be mid 40's full grown.

If you need more pictures, I would be happy to
send some more.

Have a great Sunday,
Trudy and Paul
Hugo is Bree and Tuckers son, pictured at 6 months
I love Daisy!
Ever since I brought her home she has brought so much joy into
my life! She's a doll, full of personality and she's extremely
intelligent! In the past month of having her she has easily
learned her name, how to sit, and she's fully crate trained. I
expected this to be a difficult stage but she has become
domesticated so quickly!
Connie and Luke - thank you for everything! You gave me a
happy and healthy little angel and you have such a loving home
and have been nothing but helpful and supportive in my new life
with Daisy! Daisy and I are looking forward to visiting you this

Talk soon!!
Luke and Connie Erb
RR#1 Gowanstown ON, Canada
Hi Connie

We adopted Poppy, a petite chocolate F1B tiny labradoodle, as a little
sister to our tiny F1B goldendoodle Coco. Since then Poppy has become
a cornerstone of our family - I think we love her more every day! She is
bright, happy, friendly and extremely intelligent; not a day goes by that
she doesn't impress us with her lovely sweet nature and ability to express
her affection. Poppy is a perfect size, too: she is small enough to cuddle
but big enough to take on long walks and hikes. She gets along great with
her big sister Coco and has made a wonderful addition to our family.

Have a great weekend!
Lauren and Geoff
Hi Connie,
Gina (who after much discussion and trying of names, we have re-named Tia) is doing great!  she seemed a bit lonesome on Friday afternoon but then our daughter and her family visited –
hence the long discussion on a new name.  We went to their home on Sunday so Tia got to visit Taz at his place – that went great too, and boy does she love to cuddle with anyone in the
She likes looking out our front window at the street and occasionally growling at the passing cars - we have gone for daily walks, with Taz, and they are excellent together and she is getting
more relaxed with all these new sounds, smells, and sights.
he is eating and sleeping just fine (I will send another email of the picture I took Friday evening, when she tried out her new bed for the first time).  We haven’t had any digestive issues either.  I
will continue to give her the probiotic once daily until this weekend, and then once every couple of days until it is finished – correct?  I don’t remember if you suggested we buy more once this is
gone but she doesn’t seem to need it.  please let me know if I’m wrong on this point.
we took her to the vet yesterday afternoon, and she got a clean bill of health plus much praise for being such a good, calm, relaxed little girl not to mention being the prettiest little dog in the
place!!!.  By the way, she weigh in at 6.2 kg (around 14 lbs)  I have also placed an order for more NuVet supplements.
Your little Gina, our Tia, is fitting in just fine.  We totally love her and will be sure to recommend Pawpaws Poodles and Labradoodles to anyone who asks us “where did you get this wonderful
it was a real pleasure to meet you and your family – and as Brian said, you are welcome to stop by anytime to visit with Gina/Tia............. will send a second reply with the a/n mentioned picture
Hi Luke and Connie:
Barry and I thought that you might like to hear about Bree's adventures.

As you can see, she is turning into a beautiful big girl!  We can't believe that we ever worried
about her not being full of affection and energy!!!  She is like a bouncing ball but so happy to
please that training has been a game for all three of us.  Although we have practiced the basic
commands since she came to us, we have also enrolled her in Level 1 obedience so that she
will learn to be the amazing dog she wants to be.  As they say, 'it is all about training the owners'
and we need it more than she does.  She is so eager to understand what we are asking of her
that we can see that with the proper teaching she could go on to enjoy fly ball or agility.  The
hardest thing so far for her to learn has been to settle down on command when other
distractions are around.  That will come in time no doubt, and it is difficult for her since she is
just so interested in everything and everyone.  Our daughter has a lab puppy the same age, and
the two of them get lots of exercise playing and racing about.  Time and time again, Bree leaps
gleefully off their low deck looking like a prima ballerina while the little lab goes around by the
stairs.  He seems to know instinctively that he has a heavier body on his legs.

Her coat gets brushed every day and is beautiful.  There is a little silver coming through on her
back, but she seems to be staying basic  black for the most part.    We see no signs of knotting
or tangling although she looks like a ragamuffin all the time.  You might notice that her muzzle
hair is shorter now.  She got into some burrs and had to be trimmed a bit in Virginia, but
otherwise, this is how she looks.

We are so happy to have her in the family and are grateful every day for your thoughtful breeding

All the best,

Cathy and Barry

Hello Connie and Luke,
This message is extremely overdue. We cannot even begin to tell
you how much joy Rooney has brought into our lives, we are
thankful for every day we spend together. He was a very easy
puppy to train, and at a year an a half, he continues his
demonstrate his intelligence on a daily basis. Every person who
meets Rooney falls in love with his teddy bear look, and loving
personality. We cannot walk down the street without at least a smile
from passing strangers, many of which we refer to your website.

Rooney has really demonstrated his gentle demeanor, as we
welcomed our first son into this world. He has been nothing but
patient and gentle throughout the transition, and their relationship
is really blossoming. Rooney keeps us laughing each and
everyday, and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

Thank you so much for opening our hearts to our wonderful dog.
We look forward to seeing you on June 30th!
Sam, Hilary, Hayden and Rooney

Hi Connie & Luke,

I thought I'd send you that long planned update on our wonderful puppy, Sammy, before heading back to the busyness of life after the cottage.  

Sammy (Comet & Bentley) will be 8 months old in a couple of weeks. Hard to believe! He's grown so much, as you can see from the photos I sent you. He's
been to the groomers twice so his most recent photos are of his short summer cut. I prefer the fluffier look so he won't be going back to the groomers for a

He completed puppy school, levels 1 & 2. He was the most "enthusiastic" puppy in class, always full of energy! He has learned "come, wait and stay for longer
amounts of time, figure 8 walking on leash, heel, lie down from a distance" and lots more commands. We're still working on his distance recall but it'll come
as he matures.

We take him to doggy daycare once a week and he LOVES to play all day with the other dogs! He also loves meeting new dogs and people on walks. The
overwhelmingly consistent comments we get are how friendly & loving he is, how soft his coat is, and how beautiful his colouring is. He does love everyone,
greeting and licking them! He greets us every morning with enthusiastic licks and "hugs" too!

He accompanied me (Carmen) to boot camp for dogs and their owners over the summer, getting more obedience and exercise there.  He also LOVES his
walks, hiking, and going to the Farmer's Market where he meets so many dogs! He adapts so well to new environments, like my mom's house and the

We're quite happy with how he is growing and progressing and he's such a wonderful puppy! Lots of energy and intelligence! We continue to keep the goal of
him being a therapy dog uppermost in our minds and try to expose him to as many new experiences and people as possible. Everyone loves him already! We
can't wait for him to share his cuddly, friendly energy with others as a therapy dog some day.

You already have a few photos, but I'll send a couple more taken recently.

All the best with your new puppies and upcoming litters! The new puppies are all so adorable!

Carmen Martino-Sedivy & Family
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