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Comet and Flame
Yes, we are planning for more of
our amazing RED!
These Multi-generational
Australian Labradoodle puppies
are just beautiful in their red coats
of non-shed wool! They are going
to be miniature in size, maturing at
16ins tall and weighing about 20lbs!
We are so excited for Comet to
have her first litter as her people
personality is sure to come through
and give us some gorgeous looks,
perfect sized dog with an amazing
love every one personality! We are
expecting this litter to be ready for
adoption in Feb 2012.
Questions? Just call or e-mail
Click to see a red past litter!
Three little ones born on Dec,22nd early afternoon. Two days
early! We are running about now and nothing is more fun than
rumble, tumble with the boys! They are just dear and are
showing all the signs of being a very pleasent/friendly in a
calm way litter! First shots and check up done and Nueture
scheduled for next week!
Individual pictures taken  Feb 9 2012
Breezy ~ Adopted by Kathryn
Adopted by
Willow :}
Adopted by Eric