Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
We are very excited about this litter!
These puppies are fifth generation Australian Labradoodles.
They will be born in spiral fleece or wool coats of Gold, Black,
red, and Apricot. This litter will not shed at all and have a very
low dander shed, many with allergies have found a companion
in these beautiful little ones.
The pups will grow between 16-18ins tall and be 25-35lbs as
adults, the perfect lap/family companion.
Born on May the 6th the price is 2500.00 for one of these
puppies and adoption date set for July 10, 2010.
If you are interested in placing a deposit for one of these
puppies fill out a puppy application form, or
contact Connie
Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
Milo is a
beautiful girl!
She has black
pigments and
is a friendly
and charming
little miss!
She enjoys
playing with
any available
Adopted by
Sunny is just
that ~ a bit of
funny sunshine,
he is a lively
little guy, he
was the first
out of the
whelping box
and enjoys
exploring his
world! Sunny is
slightly larger
than his litter
Adopted by the
St. John family!
,Raven is our
curious little
boy. Perhaps
a bit more
reserved than
his litter
mates. He has
a slightly
larger build
than Magic, he
is a beautiful
black, shining  
and soft! He is
a lively happy
Adopted by Lance
and family
Roony is our
boy. He is
curious but in
a more
reserved kind
of a way than
Raven, He is
so handsome
in brown!
Adopted by
Sam and
Golden Moment

This little boy is
developing into a
friendly out going
little boy, he is
willing to run and
play and be
cheerful with all
kinds of new
smells and
Adopted by
Malissa and
Tio is a calm
little guy who
is just as
friendly and
as can be!
He also has
an amazing
black coat!
Adopted by
Marcela and
her family
Dew Drop

This little girl
has made
her home
with us at
We are so
proud of her!

This little
girl is also
here at
with us! She
is so very
friendly and