Tucker and Bree!
Bree and Tucker's puppies continue to be
a big success in both confermation and
personality! We are so pleased with them
and have decided to do one more mating
of this popular couple! These puppies
mature at the medium size, 30-40lbs and
grow to be about 18ins tall. They wear non
shed coats of wool or fleece and have a
very low dander shed, and so are great for
people who love dogs and have an
annoying allergy!
These puppies are born in colours of
apricot, chocolate and black! All are just
beautiful and if you want to see a past litter
just click the link! Call us for more info.

Puppies are Born!
Birthday Jan 1 2012
Adoption Date set for March 3 2012
Past litter from Tucker and Bree
Adopted by
Adopted by Fred
and Linda ~
Adopted by Elaine
~ Isabella
Adopted by
Greg and
These puppies are practicing barking like the big dogs that
they think they are! We are all set to go home to our families!  
These puppies are so sweet, they are easy to work with and
are going to be easy for their families to train, they are
excited to go "home" :} Pictures taken Feb 23 2012