WOW, and how we continue to grow and change!
The pups are growing and maturing daily it seems, they have all been health checked and pronounced healthy and wowed the
vet with their good looks:} Only one more week until we get to go to our new homes! We are paper training ourselves, and in
general being big pups now! A microchip happens this week and then the fun of a forever family begins!
Pictured here at 8 weeks old.
Bree and Tucker

Seven beautiful puppies!
Two chocolate girls and
one chocolate boy, Two
apricot girls and one
caramel girl, and one
black girl!
Born Dec. 9th 2010
Adoption date set for
Feb. 8th 2011

Meet Chase!
She is so very cute in her little black nose
and spiral fleece coat!
adopted by Hana and Ali
Meet, Soft Raine
Raine is also dressed in a spiral fleece coat and
is the lightest in colour!
adopted by Luke
Meet Lola!
This sweet girl has a rose nose and is also dressed
in a soft spiral fleece coat!
Adopted by Mia
Meet Thunder Cloud!
The only boy in the family and is doing just fine! A
beautiful chocolate and also in a spiral fleece coat!

Meet Clear Skies
Skye is a lighter
chocolate in colour
and she has a soft
spiral fleece as
adopted by
Meet Maggie
This puppy is the darkest chocolate pup and
she is just a doll! Out going and having fun is
this girls plan!
Adopted by Allie
Meet Madame Noir
So very stunning in her coat of black spiral fleece!
With a calm little personality, What more can I say?

adopted by Luke