Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
Pawpaws Poodles and Labradoodles
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Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles



Currently we are breeding imported Australian Labradoodle lines from Australia. Our highest priority is to provide you with a well
bred, mellow tempered Australian Labradoodle, that will live a long healthy life as your companion. The Australian Labradoodle is
still a breed in development; and with its popularity soaring, is in need of ethical, reputable breeders who will take seriously the
challenge of its development, by utilizing modern methods of health screening, and DNA profiling available. At Pawpaws we breed
to farther the breed in its development, focusing on health and temperament. All of our breeding dogs are extensively health
tested and evaluated prior to breeding, we feel this is a responsible and necessary contribution to our breed. One of our main
goals in breeding Australian Labradoodles is to produce dogs that are suitable for therapy, assistant, and seeing eye dogs.
contact us if you have any questions about us, our program, or when the next pet, or breeding prospect puppies will be
available! We would be happy to chat or answer inquiries.
Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
~ Our Hopes and Dreams ~
Luke and Connie Erb ~ RR#1 Gowanstown ON, Canada  ~ 519-343-3484
We at Pawpaws are dedicated to breeding top quality Australian Labradoodle
companion dogs with honesty and integrity.
It is our highest priority to provide healthy Labradoodle puppies with friendly
personalities, we are also dedicated to following the breed standard of excellent
conformation and beautiful fleece coats. Pawpaws specializes in breeding the
Miniature and Medium Labradoodles; of pure Australian lines. The Australian
Labradoodle has a non-shed allergy friendly coat of either fleece or wool. Wonderfully
soft and beautiful!  The Australian Labradoodle is available in a wide variety of colours
Black, Red, Parti, White, Apricot, Sable, Parchment, Chalk, Cafe au Laite, Blue,
Chocolate, Cream, Gold, Carmel, Phantom, Silver,  and Lavender, making your
Miniature Australian Labradoodle unique and extra special.

We would enjoy introducing you to the newest member of your family.
Australian labradoodles, American labradoodles for sale, Labradoodles
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